Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sri Lanka Summer

FRIENDS! I am so excited to share a bit of my summer plans with you. I will be going with a team from our church to Sri Lanka

Our women's ministry is sending 5 of us to train the women leaders at a sister church, Bethany Christian Life Center. When I think about this awesome opportunity a few things come to mind:

1. A Thankful Heart- I am so thankful for the chance to go and see, go and bless, go and learn from these beautiful women about how they do ministry and share a bit about how we do things over here.  Thank you God for orchestrating this move and for letting me be part of it.

2. A Big Responsibility- We will be in Sri Lanka for about seven days, that's one week to share with these women! Our leaders have put together an awesome schedule of events for us including a one day Chosen leadership conference we will put on similar to ours at Seacoast each January. Our focus at the conference will be three things: Love God, Love People, and Be the Change. I have been asked to speak on the "Love God" topic. I'm so excited to share, and I'm praying that what I bring will spur these ladies on and ignite a deeper passion to love God, and share God's love with the unchurched people in Sri Lanka.

3. An Art Opportunity- Probably the most exciting part of this trip for me will be sharing my art with those we will meet. I will be taking various prints of my #scripturedoodles to give to the women at Bethany. How awesome to get the word of God into their homes in a creative way. In Sri Lanka there are three different languages spoken, before we go I will make three special #scripturedoodles each in a different language especially for these women! Imagine them opening their fridge each morning only to read God's word on the print stuck to their fridge just before grabbing the milk...Or maybe a sister gives her #scripturedoodle to someone else, a friend who needs encouragement in her life. God's truth will reach her friend as well. The Bible says that God's word is living and active, sharper than any double edged sword penetrating the soul (Hebrews 4:12). I am believing for God's word to penetrate the hearts of everyone we meet in Sri Lanka, believers and otherwise! Amen?  The truth of God is the only thing that will save people from this temporary world and bring them into His eternal kingdom. That is why we have been Chosen to know God, to share His love with everyone! I'm getting more and more excited just writing this!

So where do you come in? I'm glad you asked. First of all PRAYER. I know everyone shares the need for prayer, but truly prayer is number one! Although the $3500 price tag on this trip can be a bit overwhelming, prayer is the part that will have eternal impact. Our trip is August 9th-16th, can I count on you to pray for us before and during our trip? Maybe you're not in a place where you can give financially to the effort, don't worry God will make a way for the finances, I often remind Robert that God has all the money in the world, surely He will make a way for His children, especially when we go in His name. Thank you in advance for your prayer support to us.

Lastly, a financial gift. Are you able to give? If so, thank you! After an incredible message from our pastor this sunday on generosity I will boldly, but humbly ask for help. The message reminded me that God has called us to give financially to further His kingdom. Here is a link where you can give directly to my trip:

I can't wait to share more about taking #scripturedoodle with me to Sri Lanka! Stay tuned.