Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Doodle of the Day: Psalm 139:9-10

 Since having my sweet boy and getting back to work this new year I have felt somewhat in a "funk" artistically. I recently wrote a post about getting back to the heart of #scripturedoodle which has been slow but good at the same time. In my "funk" I just feel un-creative. I feel like I've stopped pushing myself as an artist to create something truly unique and special. So in my doodling, I've gone back to the beloved thumbnail sketches and pushing farther into what each piece "could" be. This has been a sort of conditioning if you will and it has been so refreshing! Thank you God for meeting each day at my sketchbook.

I just had the chance to do a special custom #scripturedoodle for one of our students at church for her 16th birthday. I really tried to tie the scripture to the image in a unique way and stretch myself creatively. Here's the final image.

Today's Challenge: stretch yourself creatively!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Re: Focus...it's about time!

So... have you ever started something with great intentions and lots of gusto? And as time went on you lost focus of your original goal and the point of the whole thing to begin with? For me that is how I feel about #scripturedoodle today.

At the beginning of each year our church does a 21 day fast where we prepare and re-focus for the coming year. In evaluating where I am the Lord has convicted me and in how off kilter my original vision for #scripturedoodle has become. My heart is broken that I let it get this way. In the beginning my heart for #scripturedoodle truly was for a devotional practice, one that digs deep into the word of God and explores creativity in worship. Over the past two years it has become a self centered way to make money, and I'm embarrassed.

In working for myself it is so easy to make everything income focused? What do my books look like? Where is my next job? Am I making enough money this week? ...Have any of you ever felt this way.  In all these "worries" I found that #scripturedoodle was a way to bring an income, selling prints of ones I've done and taking original custom orders. I'm not saying that it's bad, but what it is, is out of focus.  Instead of devotion and community creativity #scripturedoodle has become all about me and by art. It's not that I can never sell prints of my work or do custom work, but that can't be all there is, and it can't be first. The devotion has to be first.

So, in our fast this January I am refocusing #scripturedoodle to get back to the heart of what God wants it to be. THANKFULLY our God is a God of grace and love who forgives us for our shortcomings. God knew it would get this way, but He is faithful and loving to bring me back to Him and guide me in the re-focus of the purpose. I am SO BLESSED and thankful to have a Father like this.

Are you out of focus in your work or mission for God? Do you feel so far from where you started wondering how you can get back? Fear not! God is present waiting for you to come back to Him. He wants to help! Let's refocus together! Amen?