Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Doodle of the Day: Psalm 139:9-10

 Since having my sweet boy and getting back to work this new year I have felt somewhat in a "funk" artistically. I recently wrote a post about getting back to the heart of #scripturedoodle which has been slow but good at the same time. In my "funk" I just feel un-creative. I feel like I've stopped pushing myself as an artist to create something truly unique and special. So in my doodling, I've gone back to the beloved thumbnail sketches and pushing farther into what each piece "could" be. This has been a sort of conditioning if you will and it has been so refreshing! Thank you God for meeting each day at my sketchbook.

I just had the chance to do a special custom #scripturedoodle for one of our students at church for her 16th birthday. I really tried to tie the scripture to the image in a unique way and stretch myself creatively. Here's the final image.

Today's Challenge: stretch yourself creatively!


  1. I see no signs of "funk" in that piece. What a cool birthday gift and reminder of His presence!

  2. thanks gal...I feel myself coming out of the funk :)