What is it?

#scripturedoodle is "a creative movement of illustrating God's Word."

The concept of Scripture Doodle came from a time of desiring creativity in my everyday life. As an artist I do well with a deadline, but it's not often that I spend time just doing artwork for the sake of creativity. The Lord really dropped this concept in my lap one day while feeling starved creatively, to pick a bible verse and then draw a picture of it. As a social media junkie I thought it would be fun to post the pictures to my twitter and use the hashtag #scripturedoodle thinking maybe someone would enjoy seeing them. 

In time God showed me that Scripture Doodle is not just for me but that it is for everyone, artists and those who wouldn't call themselves artists. The heart of Scripture Doodle is to share creativity in worship. As we spend time illustrating God's word it sinks into our spirit and the truth will penetrate our hearts.  Think of how many people enjoy artwork, how sweet that when someone looks at a #scripturedoodle they are reading God's word. Please join us in the movement!

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