Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Doodle of the Day: from Andi Allison

Today I get to share a #scripturedoodle from a sweet girl who TRULY has a gift for the art of the doodle. Andi is a new aquaintance of mine met through the fabulous world of social media specifically instagram. As crazy as social media can be I  love it for the days when I get to connect with people like Andi. She is a young artist who loves the Lord and is navigating her way through college trying to decide what she'll do when she graduates, (sounds like me 6 years ago). To sweet girls like Andi I say, go for it! Follow the dream, you have the gifts and the heart to persevere through the journey. If YOU need a little dream stirring I would love to chat! email me: worshipartistministries@gmail.com

This is just one of Andi's fabulous #scripturedoodles from Matthew 5:14. You can follow Andi on instagram: @andiallison

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