Monday, September 24, 2012

Scripture Doodle in Sydney!

So excited to have my new friend Cathie sharing with us today about sharing #scripturedoodle on the other side of the world. She has been a blessing to me even if only through instagram and google+ Here she is...

My name is Cathie and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I came across #scripturedoodle through Instagram. I truly feel that God led me to it!
Like so many people, I sometimes struggle to read and remember what I’ve read in the Bible. I worked as a high school art teacher before becoming a Mum to my two boys. I gave #scripturedoodling a go and have really found it such a great way for me (a visual and kinaesthetic learner) to engage with scripture and remember themes and verses. 

I recently contacted April to chat about holding a #scripturedoodle workshop on our church camp. I’ve just returned from camp where we had about 25 ladies from 16 to 60s come along, mull over the word and #scripturedoodle-up-a-storm.

Some people knew exactly what they wanted to draw and for others, we read passages and discussed with each other our ideas before getting started – which was a really great process in itself. All the ladies were enthusiastic about the whole workshop and were really encouraged by the diversity of peoples’ different styles and interpretations.
a #scripturedoodle by Amanda

a #scritpuredoodle by Cathie

Since our #scripturedoodle workshop I know that a few one-to-one Bible reading pairs at church (part of our womens’ ministry initiative) are planning to use #scripturedoodle in their meetings – I’ve started doing it in my pair, and we have been finding it such a refreshing, fun and challenging way to read the Bible.
I am just so excited to keep drawing from the Word and so thankful to God for being able to share in #scripturedoodle.

So blessed to have Cathie sharing the vision! Follow her on instagram @teawillowtree. 

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