Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween #scripturedoodle

My first thought when I considered doing a Halloween doodle today was... Is that legal? So many people have strong opinions either way, especially believers. In our home we don't exercise strong opinions either way, we do hand out candy as a chance to bless the kids in our neighborhood, but we don't have any little ones yet and my trick or treating stance may change some day.

That being said as a pondered if it was legal to merge Halloween with a #scripturedoodle I was reminded that God is bigger than all of it. Even thought Halloween is considered a "pagan" holiday, I think that God is a fan of His truth being shared in any way on any day. So I decided to go for it. Share his truth with a jack O' lantern in the background, why not.

The verse fror this #scripturedoodle is Romans 6:23, certainly a scary fate if we do not choose life. Enjoy!

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