Monday, June 25, 2012

Letter of the Day Scripture Doodle

Today we are starting up a "Letter of the Day" #scripturedoodle collaboration to which EVERYONE is invited. Last week one of my best gals Kristin called me to share this spin on #scripturedoodle idea. The back story on Kristin is that she is probably the best 3rd grade teacher there ever was and seriously one of my dearest friends. Being an elementary school teacher she spends lots of time with the Alphabet. Her idea is to take a letter of the Alphabet each day starting at the beginning and with that letter choose three words that God says we are, or that we want to be in Christ, make the words personal to yourself and then search for a scripture that might talk about it. Then do a #scritpuredoodle of those words and letter with the scripture intertwined. Be sure to hashtag #scriputredoodle and #iamHIS so we can follow yours and retweet. Our prayer is that these 26 days will be a time of refreshing and building up our spirits to know that in Christ we are so many good things. Here is Kristin's "A" doodle. I will be posting mine later this morning. Can't wait to see yours!

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